Thursday, October 3, 2013

Republicans responsible for the Government Shutdown | Enemies of the People

They do not care about you or your life and money problems. They do not like working people like none of us like the poor. We don't care about the poor, and now, God has put these harsh taskmasters over us. They don't care about us. We have to start caring about the least of us and not make them feel worse. It doesn't feel so hot does it? This has to be the lesson in all of this.
Raise your voice people. The poorest of us will become homeless and starve if you don't. If these are your congressmen and women, voice your concerns to them. Take a good look at the 15. It is your right as a United States citizen to vote for the best candidate and we did twice and as punishment for that and health care for all, these so-called humans have shut down our government. The government is for the People by the People. These pictured here aren't People. They are Enemies of the People. How much more clear does the window have to be for you all to see it?

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